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Personal Details

Mailing Address: 24 Roy St, Box #202, Seattle, WA 98109-4018


Software/Interactive Media Development, Design Development, Prototyper, UX, Technical Producer, Trainer.


Russell has a more than 20-year history developing rich media software: award-winning games, interactive training, and educational titles distributed by Disney, Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin, Spin Master, Discus, Shomega, PBS Kids Television, Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, KD Learning, Commonwealth Bank, Toshiba Australia, Intel, Motorola, Volkswagen, and Applied Learning. Experienced in client-side interfaces for MMO projects, "front end" UI-programming and prototyping of quality interactive games and educational software, UX development, and steering teams through project lifecycles.

Russell has a Masters in Information Technology (ALM in IT) with a concentration in Software Engineering from Harvard University Extension.


Programming [Adobe AIR, Starling, ActionScript 3 & 2, HTML5 Canvas with JavaScript and JQuery, C++, C, Lingo, Java, Lua, UNIX], Prototyping, Human Computer Interface Design/UX, UML, Software Architecture, Game Development, Usability Testing, Testing, One-to-one and group training, Directing, and Video Editing.

Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) 2006-2009
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Flash Professional 8.


Adept In: IntelliJ, Adobe Animate (previously known as Flash)* [ActionScript 3 & 2], Director* [Lingo/Shockwave]
Capable In: Adobe Creative Cloud products, Final Cut, Photoshop*, InDesign, Maya 6

* packages I have conducted training in.


October 2016 to present, Seattle, USA. Adjunct C++ Instructor

        Adjunct C++ Instructor at The Art Institutes (Seattle), Media Arts program, for classes SDVA103 C++ Programming I, and SDVA203 C++ Programming II.

July 2013 to present, Seattle, USA. Senior Game Developer at FlowPlay ("Vegas World").

        Russell helps maintain and develop FlowPlay's main product, the online MMO Vegas World. He is primarily responsible for the opening Daily Coins game (where players are awarded coins for logging in every day); Incentive Banners, the various "incentives" that pop-up and sell specials to users; and the Chat module that players use for communicating. He also helps maintain and add features to the client-side "Shell" that runs the game. Also, he has done considerable work on the soon to be released version of Vegas World (v2) for tablet devices and web using Adobe AIR and Starling.

May 2013 to June 2013, Seattle, USA. Contract AIR Programmer at Exponential Entertainment.

        Contract AIR Programmer. Created generic VideoPlayer widget for seamless video playback on devices (iPhone and Android), and also architected an overall genetic AIR "shell" to deliver various games for web and devices.

May 2011 to Apr 2013, Seattle, USA. Senior Software Engineer at Disney Interactive in Redmond ("Club Penguin 2.0").

        Responsible for development of three critical ActionScript tools; 1) a "Window Manager", 2) a "UI Framework" of components, and 3) a "Localizer." These tools were designed for building UI and minigames for the rewrite of Disney's Club Penguin MMO for kids, also known as Club Penguin "Next Gen" or Club Penguin 2.0. All tools were written to be Scaleform compliant, to be deliverable on devices such as Android and iPad.
        Russell oversaw development and collaborated with many internal and external developers, contractors, documenters, and UI developers, when building these tools. In particular, there was strong emphasis on localization and the benefits to be gained by simplifying the localization process, which had him working under Disney localization specialists such as Tadashi Sakashita in Salt Lake City, and Adam Tizel and Lucas Shoesmith in Kelowna. Russell reported to Ken Post, Manager of Engineering, in the Redmond studio.

Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) was renamed Disney Interactive in May 2012.

Dec 2008-May 2011, Seattle, USA. "Bakugan" Programming and Prototyping/UX. Contractor.

        Steered the prototyping and UI-programming of client-side interfaces for Flash games and MMOs including Bakugan Dimensions, Kaiju, and minigames in UpperDeck University.
Flying Lab Software: Kaiju, AS 3 game/UI programmer, © Flying Lab Software 2011
Flying Lab Software: Bakugan Dimensions [battle game], UI Prototyping and AS 3 game/UI programmer, © Spin Master 2010
        Russell played a significant role programming and prototyping the UI of the core battlegame in Spin Master's Bakugan Dimensions Flash based MMO.
        In its first month Bakugan Dimensions had an average of 45,000 battle games played a day, with upwards of 120,000 active users and a growth
        rate of 10,000 registrations a day, quickly developing a strong following.
        Spin Master acknowledges that the Bakugan Dimensions site boosted Bakugan toy sales at least ten percent, resulting in significant profit for         Spin Master's toy division. Bakugan Dimensions was launched May 2010 in the US and April 2011 in Europe.
Flying Lab Software:, an AS 3 programmer, game integration, © Upper Deck 2009
Universal Head: Outback Mobs, AS 3 programmer, © Savannas Mgmt., Charles Darwin University (Australia) 2011
Universal Head: Burning Issues, AS 3 programmer, © Savannas Mgmt., Charles Darwin University (Australia) 2008
        After the success of the Savanna Walkabout (2006) educational module for Charles Darwin University Russell did the ActionScript programming
        for a further two projects for them, Burning Issues (2008) and Outback Mobs (2011), on contract for Peter Gifford at Universal Head.
        Burning Issues is available over the web and was also made available to numerous schools on CD-ROM.

Nov 2007-Nov 2008, Seattle, USA. Senior Programmer at KD Learning ("ZooKazoo").

        Developed and integrated software and improvements to a children’s social networking environment called ZooKazoo; collaborated with global teams, including Hong Kong, India, and Seattle to share milestones and integrate new games into the site with a common interface and a system to award ‘Kazoobits’ for gameplay. ZooKazoo was managed in Palo Alto, with programmers in Seattle, and a main office in Burbank, Los Angeles, where the bulk of the animation was created. Russell worked directly under Andrew Lippert, Chief Technology Officer, in the Seattle office.
        While at ZooKazoo Russell, 1) Increased ZooKazoo's performance and CPU usage up to 30% with the creation of a generic system for rasterizing vector graphics. 2) Built tools for loading games, room items, and various assets while improving and simplifying memory management and caching. 3) Built Zookazoo’s first real-time multiplayer game, “Dodo Drop,” which queued systems for commencing games, and synchronized game play and animation across the server and between clients. 4) Improved Gamer Experience by developing a wide range of clothes/accessories for avatars, including enhancing stateful items to work with synchronized audio to allow sound driven musical instruments. 5) Introduced synchronized “stateful items” to be used as interactive furniture/wall hangings and trigger a "Rube Goldburg" style sequences creating small, turn based, multiplayer games and puzzles. 5) Created a simple "Bang a Bongo" Game to establish the API for game integration. "Bang a Bongo" was later repurposed with alternate graphics as "Scratch n Match."

2006-2007 Boston, USA. "Timeliner XE" Prototyper/UX. Contractor. Instructor.

Tom Snyder Productions: TimeLiner XE Prototype, UX Prototyping, Flex2 (AS3) programming, © Scholastic 2007
        Working closely with Scholastic's Executive Producer, Hedrick Ellis, Russell prototyped their educational product Timeliner XE to be an intuitive
        software program allowing students to organize data on multimedia timelines, sequences, and cycles, to see connections, and transform a world
        of information into real knowledge.
        Timeliner XE has done well in the marketplace, proving itself with the awards Children's Technology Editor's Choice for Excellence in Design, 2008 and Teacher's Pick, Best of 2009.
American Well: Client video conferencing component for medical website, Flex2 (AS3) programming, © American Well 2007
Smashing Ideas, Inc: SuperWhy Alpha Bricks game, Flash 9 (AS3) programmer, © PBS Kids Television Network 2007
Harvard Div. of Continuing Ed.: Flex2 UI programming consultant for Distance Ed. video website, © Harvard University 2007
Tamara Bonn Photography: Tamara Bonn Photography website, Flex2 programming and design, © Tamara Bonn 2007
Custom Learning Designs, Inc.: Wyeth Oncology Learning, Flash programmer, © Wyeth Pharmaceuticals 2006
Lowke Media, Inc.: Chevalier, © Lowke Media, Inc. 2006
Universal Head: Savanna Walkabout, Flash 8 (AS2) programmer, © Savannas Mgmt., Darwin University (Australia) 2006
Lowke Media, Inc.: Asteroids, Game design and programming, AS3, AS2, Windows C++, © Lowke Media, Inc. 2005
2006 Occasional Flash Instructor for Softeach, Inc.

1999-2006 Boston, USA. Undergraduate and Master's degrees at Harvard University Extension. Instructor.

        While studying at Harvard University Extension Russell occasionally worked as a Flash and/or Director Instructor for Future Media Concepts (FMC) in Boston and (occasionally) Orlando. He also worked part-time (2004 to 2006) at the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education Computer Lab, managed by Tom Lane.

Graduated June 2006, Degree of Master of Liberal Arts in Information Technology (ALM in IT, GPA 3.86, Dean’s List) with a concentration in Software Engineering, from Harvard University Extension.

Graduated March 2004 Degree of Bachelor of Liberal Arts Cum Laude (ALB, GPA 3.62, Dean’s List) with a field of Computer Science, from Harvard University Extension.

1999 Commenced Undergraduate degree part time at Harvard University Extension.
1999 Teaching Fellow for the class Understanding & Developing Multimedia (1998/99), at Harvard University Extension.

1997-2001 Boston, USA. "Spelling Spree" Lead Architect. Contractor.

MARS: Upstage, presentation software, lingo programmer, © MARS 2001
Arnold: Volkswagen site, support Flash ActionScripting, © Volkswagen 2000
Point of View: Condor phone, shockwave programmer, © Motorola 2000
360Kid: Sticker Story online game for "Dragon Tails" site, shockwave programmer, © PBS Kids Television Network 2000
360Kid: Treasure Hunt online game for "Dragon Tails" site, shockwave programmer, © PBS Kids Television Network 2000
360Kid: Apply! CD-ROM, programmer,  © The Princeton Review 2000
Planet Interactive: Where is Matt? CD-ROM, lead programmer, © NERI 2000. 2000 MIMIC Award Finalist in the category of General Education.
Harvard Extension: Developing Multimedia Website, Dreamweaver, © Harvard University 1999
360Kid: Government & Citizen Resources CD-ROM, programmer, © Prentice Hall 1999
Houghton Mifflin Interactive: Galaxy Writer, Prototyper, © Houghton Mifflin 1998
Electramedia: SHL Word Search game, programmer, © Lowke Media 1998
Six Red Marbles: Spelling Spree CD-ROM, lead architect and lingo programmer, © Houghton Mifflin 1998.
        "Lead Architect and Programmer" on Spelling Spree!, a commercial and school distributed Mac and Windows CD-ROM title
        for teaching spelling for grades K-6, distributed by Houghton Mifflin Interactive. Spelling Spree! was a 1998 MIMIC Award Finalist in the category
        of K-12 Educational Multimedia Title, and was used extensively by schools in Texas. Spelling Spree! was unusual in that it was distributed by
        Houghton Mifflin into both the commercial and school CD-ROM markets. Packaging and specific content differed between the commercial
        and school versions.

1996-7 Sydney, Australia. Contractor.

Extro Design: Intel Sales Presenter, principal programmer, © Intel 1997
Lowke Media: Crusades Prototype, © Lowke Media 1997
Universal Head: HeadCase disk, © Universal Head 1997
Brilliant Interactive Ideas: Plates are People too games, © Brilliant Interactive Ideas 1997
Brilliant Interactive Ideas: Little Engine games, © Brilliant Interactive Ideas 1997
Brilliant Interactive Ideas: Dinosaurs games, © Brilliant Interactive Ideas 1997
Brilliant Interactive Ideas: Monsters games, © Brilliant Interactive Ideas 1997
Interactive Digital Options: The Mega Mall Home Shopping/Internet Hybrid CD-ROM, © Interactive Digital Options 1996
Interactive Digital Options: PowerShop Interactive Magazine, © Interactive Digital Options 1995
Unlimited Energy: Crocadoo, prototyping & lingo programming, © Unlimited Energy 1995
Shomega: Mythical Mazes Prototype, prototyping & programming, © Shomega 1995
Voom Advertising: Bobby No Good, design & programming, © Lowke Media 1995
Lowke Media: Hex Puzzle, design & lingo programmer, © Lowke Media 1995
ACRIL: Enware Taps Database, lingo programmer, © ACIRL 1995

1994-5 Toronto, Canada. "Jewels of the Oracle" Lead Programmer. Contractor.

Eloi Productions: Jewels of the Oracle, interface & lead programmer, © Discis 1995
        "Interface & Lead Programmer" on the hit computer game Jewels of the Oracle, a CD-ROM game distributed by DISCUS
        in March of 1995. This game won international recognition with Best of Show at MacWorld Expo San Francisco 1995, and Product of the Year,
        CD-ROM Professional Magazine. Jewels of the Oracle was programmed entirely in Director 4.1 for Mac and PC on a hybrid CD-ROM.
        In 1996 a Japanese translation version was released for the Sega Saturn platform by Sunsoft Japan.
Electramedia: Jewels of the Oracle, prototyper & lingo programmer, © Electramedia 1994
Electramedia: Cott Group Database, programmer, © The Cott Group 1994
Electramedia: Global Strategy Sales Presenter, a programmer, © Global Strategy 1994

1990-3 Sydney, Australia. Aerial Interactive, Owner. Contractor.

Applied Learning: Can I, programmer, © Applied Learning © 1993
ACIRL: Coal Sampling Tutorial, designer & lingo programmer, © ACIRL 1993
Toshiba Australia: Toshiba DVI Video Presenter, programmer, © Toshiba Australia 1993
Wavelength: NSW Lotteries Kiosk, lingo programmer, © NSW Lotteries © 1993
Aeriel Interactive: Aeriel Interactive CDI, designer, © Aeriel Interactive 1993
Aeriel Interactive: Scots Prospectus on disk, designer & principal programmer, © Scots 1993
Aeriel Interactive: Collagen Sales Presenter, programmer, © Aeriel Interactive 1993
Aeriel Interactive: MCQ Testing on disk, designer & programmer, © Aeriel Interactive 1992
Applied Learning: Workplace Literacy Course, programmer, © Applied Learning 1992
Dr Sendal: Sendals Books, programmer, © Dr Sendal 1992

Invited to work on the advanced Authorware training manual being developed by Adelaide TAFE as the national course (Australia) in that platform.

1991 Sydney, Australia. Developer ("Author") at Authorware, Inc.

Author of computer based training for Learnware, owned by Authorware, Inc.
Learnware/Authorware - Woodside Offshore Induction, principal programmer, © Woodside 1991
Learnware/Authorware - CSIRO Foyer system kiosk, designer & principal programmer, © CSIRO 1991
Learnware/Authorware: Commonwealth Bank 4QL,  design & principal programmer, © Commonwealth Bank 1991
        Designer and principal programmer of the Commonwelath Bank’s Four Quadrant Leadership (4QL) computer based training project,
        an international, groundbreaking, and highly acclaimed project which stood as a very early example of interactive live action video from laser
        disk used in computer based training.

1988-90 Sydney, Australia. "Color Access" Prototyper/UX. "Galactic Frontiers" Designer. Contractor.

Bit Magic: New Zealand Telecom Kiosk, programmer, © Bit Magic 1990
Barneyscan: QuickScan, interface designer, © Barneyscan Corporation 1990
Barneyscan: ColorAccess, interface designer & support C programmer, © Barneyscan Corporation, 1990.
        Interface designer and support C programmer for Barneyscan's Color Access and QuickScan software. Color Access was a finalist in
        the Seybold Awards 1991. Russell worked closely with Carl Braga, User Interface, and Brad Silen, Lead Programmer.
Human Media: Galactic Frontiers, designer & producer, © Soft Stream, 1991 - 93, © Human Media, 1994.
        Designed and produced the strategic computer game Galactic Frontiers for Macintosh computers. Galactic Frontiers was developed between
        1988 to 1991 as a hobby. It was programmed in Pascal by Arthur Street and marketed in the U.S. through Soft Stream International.
        Later, Galactic Frontiers became an established Mac shareware title, and was included on the compilation Best of Inside Mac Games 1993
        to 1996
. Effectively now an antique, Galactic Frontiers still runs under Mac O/S 9.2 and may be downloaded

Conference Publication

"A magnetic field mechanism for the origin of planetary motion."
        Lowke J J and Lowke R J, 28th Inter Conf. Phenomena in Ionized Gases, Prague, July 2007, pages 1873-1876, paper 5P07-03.
        Russell was responsible for the graphic visualization of data for this paper, making it possible to interpret that data, and enabling a demonstration
        of the possibility of magnetic fields as being a force to produce regular features of solar systems.


2006 Degree of Master of Liberal Arts in Information Technology (ALM in IT, GPA 3.86, Dean’s List) with a concentration in Software Engineering, from Harvard University Extension.

2004 Degree of Bachelor of Liberal Arts Cum Laude (ALB, GPA 3.62, Dean’s List) with a field of Computer Science, from Harvard University Extension.

1998 & 1999 Teaching Fellow for Understanding & Developing Multimedia at Harvard University Extension.

1989 High School Certificate from Sydney Church of England Co-Educational Grammar School Redlands.

Other Interests

In his spare time Russell is a videographer documenting live bands and creating experimental movies. He has an avid interest in history and music, and has been playing drums for many years. Development of interactives often involves timing and sequencing issues, and video is often a component, so such pastimes are complementary to his work.


Douglas Pearson - Founder and CTO at FlowPlay, Inc, 206 310 3250
Derrick Morton - CEO at FlowPlay, Inc, 206 953 8253
Justin Wright - Software Engineer at Exponential Entertainment, 425 829 3728
Charles E. Brown - Senior Instructor at Future Media Concepts, 201 913 6054
Tadashi Sakashita - Director Software Engineering, Disney Interactive, 801 595 1020 ext 278
Lucas Shoesmith - Senior Software Engineer, Disney Interactive Worlds (Club Penguin), 250 317-0347
Jeff Close - Software Development Lead, Flying Lab Software. 206 227 1100
Aaron Hatcher - Principal Programmer, Scholastic (Boston). 717 608 8838
Brad Silen - President, Quality Process. 415 332 3202

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